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A Life Advantage believes that individuals can use the experiences they've had in life and turn them into their most empowering assets.

Welcome to A Life Advantage ProFit-4-Life™ Program where every day is a chance to make a difference in the lives of those around us.

Sell Life Changing Solutions and get paid Life Changing Commissions











Finally, You Can Make Money While Getting Healthier Thanks To The Simple 3 Step ProFit-4-Life™ Program.

A Life Advantage is one of the fastest growing health and wellness, personal development and life coaching programs in North America. We are focused on providing products and services that exceed anything found in the health and wellness market today. Our products and services provide educational and personal development tools for entrepreneurs who wish to build a profitable business and improve their health and wellness at the same time.

Founded on the idea that your past life experiences can be a huge asset if you understand how to make the most of those experiences. Our goal is to provide our customers and member affiliates with the potential for success and satisfaction in becoming the best they can be all while building a rewarding business of their very own.

A Life Advantage aspires to be the go-to source to help inspire, uplift and motivate people to fulfill their goals, both personal and financial. A Life Advantage is dedicated to sharing the importance of a healthier and more fulfilling life to as many people as possible through our business network, health products, support, affiliate opportunities and the honest and authentic message of a better life.

A Life Advantage was built with two major goals:

•  To provide you with the potential to make more money in your existing business or starting a new business, by giving you tools, educational products, coaching and systems training that works to help you achieve a more meaningful and healthy life; and

•  To provide you with a way to earn a rewarding income through our Affiliate program, which provides marketing systems, tools and health products to help those coaches already in the life and wellness, Personal Development, and specialized coaching niches. To do this, we have created a system that distributes earnings up to a 70% commission basis on the total purchase price of our product and services sold.

It is important to understand that all commissions are based on the sale of our state-of-the-art products and services and not on recruitment. We are not an MLM business model and to be clear, you do not earn commissions from recruiting other affiliates into your business. However, you are allowed to build your business with other affiliates that you manage and train, just like any regular business model, and you will earn commissions on their products and service sales. The more products you and members of your organization sell, the more you have the potential to earn. Of course, becoming an affiliate is optional and not a requirement.

Key Point: A Life Advantage affiliates are not required to purchase any of our products or services in order to become an affiliate. We offer a FREE Affiliate program, any and all are welcome to join. Many of our big coaching producers started on the FREE program. Whether you join us as a customer or an affiliate, you can choose to use our products to get healthier, build a profitable health and wellness business, find success and reach the goals you have always strived for.

GET STARTED TODAY See how you can start making a great income and get fit and healthy.



ProFit-4-Life™ Program

A Life Advantage offers professional programs for those who want to begin a life and wellness coaching business or expand their existing coaching practice.
Our ProFit-4-Life™ Program provide the training, tools, techniques, and resources for you to build a thriving practice as a successful life and wellness coach



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