Your Free Life and Wellness Membership Starts Here

As a FREE Life Advantage Health and Wellness Member you begin your journey with our baseline program. Throughout the process, you'll work with your Life Advantage Program Coach to translate the language of your body—your data history—into a clear, actionable and personalized wellness plan. We take a systems approach to your wellness and empower you to make lifestyle changes that last. After you've completed your initial baseline, you will have a scientific and systematic approach to your own personal plan to continue your journey to wellness.

Welcome to A Life Advantage FREE Program, your scientific path to wellness.

First off there is no cost for your membership and you will have the benefits and assistance from one of our qualified Life Coaches. We know you have specific goals in mind for what you want to accomplish in regards to a happier and healthier life and that is why we created the free starter plan to help you reach those goals.

The following information will provide a quick overview of what you can expect to receive with your Free Starter Plan and how to get started.

Your Welcome Package

After you complete your Registration form at the bottom of this page you'll get your welcome package, which is designed to provide our team with important information. To chart your path, we need to better understand your lifestyle, present health, and stress levels. A Life Advantage Program Coach will use this data to create your action plan specifically tailored to you and your goals.


Who are you? It's a pretty big question, but one we must ask to understand everything we can about you and your health so we can ultimately guide you on your scientific path to wellness.

You'll start A Life Advantage Program by completing a series of online assessments.

You'll tell us about your goals, health history, lifestyle (diet, exercise, sleep), stress, personality, and happiness. We use this information to start piecing together a more complete view of you. The puzzle will grow more complete over time as we get to know you and as scientific knowledge about the data points we analyze continues to expand.

The Role of Your Coach

Personal coaching is a key aspect of A Life Advantage wellness journey. A Life Advantage Program Coach will be with you every step of the way and is supported by our team of clinicians.

Your first call is all about getting to know you on a deeper level—your goals, motivations, challenges, and aspirations. Your coach will review your assessment data and leave you with an action plan specific to you. Subsequent calls support your journey and review progress and follow-up evaluation.


As we receive the results of your analysis, we produce an integrated view of you—what we call your baseline.

From your Baseline, A Life Advantage Program Coach constructs your action plan which will provide your detailed, step-by-step approach toward optimizing your wellness. This plan serves as the map your coach will use to guide your journey.

Each month you'll have a scheduled call with your Life Advantage Program Coach to review your action plan and provide tools, tips, and resources to help hold you accountable.

Your coach will suggest new actionable recommendations based on your progress.

We will be sending you our Life Advantage monthly Newsletter with lots of health and wellness information including healthy ideas for exercise, healthy eating and great ideas to keep you motivated for a better life.

To get started please click the "Begin Your Journey Here Button" below to complete the following registration form. You will be directed to a getting started page with instructions on how to begin A New Life Advantage Starter Plan. We look forward to working with you and are excited for your new found Health and Wellness success

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