A Life Advantage Give Back Program

Come join our team and let's change lives together

Life Advantage Giveback Program is about a hand up not a hand out. We are a group of Life Advantage Members who are committed to creating social change by helping those in need around the globe. We work together to organize fundraising events, mobilize teams of volunteers for local events, and we inspire others to take action for social good.

Make giving part of your business today.

The Life Advantage Give Back Program is an incredible opportunity for individual members and business participants in the Life Advantage Members Program to make a difference. As part of our Give Back initiative every month we pay out a percentage of all net member subscriptions to selected individuals and or businesses that qualify for assistance. The assistance payments are not a loan or investment. They do not have to be paid back and they may be used for any purpose by the recipient.

The amounts of the Give back Program can be anywhere from $500.00 to $20,000 based on the need and circumstance of the member applicant. This amount and selected recipients will be determined by the Give Back Support Committee. Not all submission will meet the selection committee rules and if you were not selected this month does not mean that you would not be selected in future months. On average we select up to 30 recipients per month and in many cases we have more requests than Give Back awards

Basic rules to qualify for Give Back Submission

Please send an email to givebacksupport@dareforsuccess.com and please provide the following.

We look forward to reviewing your needs. We hope to make a difference.

Be Part of Our Community

Since the dawn of time humans have formed communities in order to feel a part of something. We hear all the time that you are the sum of the people you associate with and this means that depending on the people who are involved in the community will determine if it enhances or detracts your life. Being part of a community can have far reaching benefits.

We have focused heavily on building a community that works to benefit all our members. We want to surround ourselves with value driven people who are interesting, have a positive view, and are focused on changing the world for the better. Please Join us on our Private Social Group .

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